Snowboarding is classified as an extreme sport that happens in the great outdoors. To be able to enjoy snowboarding by the mountains, various outdoor elements, such as wind and temperature, should not bother you much. This is where men’s snowboard jackets come in. This kind of jacket has the ability to keep you warm and dry, allowing you to just focus on the thrill and fun the great outdoor brings. But before you go shopping for one, there are three major features that you need to understand when buying men’s snowboard jackets.

snowboarding jacket for men

Three Important Features of Men’s Snowboard Jackets

Waterproof: Snowboard jacket must be able to protect you from extreme weather conditions. The mountainside is known for having a snowy and rainy weather, and the more extreme the weather, the more you should look for a waterproof jacket. Waterproof jackets should not have any holes that allow moisture to creep-in, so look for one that have sealed seams.

Windproof: When snowboarding, the wind should not “reach” you. An intense blow of wind can instantly alter your body temperature which can affect your snowboarding performance. To be able to retain the warmth, your jacket must be able to shield you from the drastic changes of temperature brought about by the wind.

Breathable: There will definitely be a moisture build-up, like sweat and condensation, inside your jacket. The breathability of the jacket must be able to quickly turn moisture into water vapor to cool you down. A jacket that has a high level of breathability does not allow humidity and does not give moisture a chance to build-up.