Canada is a very beautiful country filled with a lot of tourist attractions around all corners. Haida Gwaii is one such place that is very popular among people who love camping. Every year, thousands of local as well as international tourists visit this place to enjoy the wilderness and the natural beauty that this place has to offer. A lot of travel agencies offer camping accommodation in Haida Gwaii for tourists who love to experience the quietness of the wilderness.

The following are a few activities that you must definitely do while in Haida Gwaii –

1)Whale watching – If you have never seen a whale before in your life, a whale watching session in Haida Gwaii can be once in a lifetime opportunity for you. Skidegate Inlet can serve as the perfect spot to do so as you will find yourself surrounded by hundreds of whales. Not only you will be able to see them, but you will also listen to them and watch them feeding themselves.

2)Fishing – Haida Gwaii is certainly one of the best fishing spots you will find around the world. People,who come to camp at Haida Gwaii, definitely visit one of the many spots for fishing. The water bodies around this place have a wide variety of fishes and other aquatic animals that can be eaten. You will be able to catch salmons, crabs and a lot of other fishes and aquatic life forms that can be either be eaten or you can catch them for entertainment and then leave them back in the water.